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Stages of Contest


Winners Emerge

Bee Champion wins:

One Million Naira

1st Runner-up wins:


2nd Runner-up wins:


3rd Runner-up wins:


4th Runner-up wins:


Grand Finals

At the University of Benin, Benin City,

on Saturday, May 7th, 2022: TO BE RESCHEDULED DUE TO ASUU STRIKE.

Hosting 54 Finalists

Metro Bee will be responsible for Accommodation and Feeding for the 54 finalists expected at the University of Benin.

Registration fee including payment for our spelling study handout of 10,000 words is



Payment can be made online immediately after submitting the registration form. You are directed to click to continue to payment after submitting the form. Or you can transfer directly into our company's Zenith Bank account displayed as follows:

Famous Metro International Limited
Zenith Bank PLC

Online Preliminaries will start on

April 11th,

and end on

April 17th, 2022.

It is up to a contestant to choose any day between April 4th and April 9th to take the preliminaries.

Online Regionals will start on

April 22nd,

and end on

April 30th, 2022.

It is up to a contestant to choose any day between April 14th and April 18th to take the regionals.

About the Bee

About Our Spelling Contest

Our spelling contest is an indoor game that plays on sound and sense, the pronunciation and the meaning of words. The game master known as the Bee Master pronounces a word and states a brief meaning of the word while you as a contestant listen and spell the word in the presence of a panel of judges and a large audience. The challenge is to display your word power and extensive vocabulary simply by spelling your way through both simple and difficult words up to the Grand Finale to win our star prize and become our Bee Champion!

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The Bee Champion

The Bee Champion or winner may emerge in any of the rounds from the 1st to the 3rd. This can happen if only one of the spellers spells his choice word correctly in addition to the next word that has not been spelt in the Bee Master's list.
If there is no winner after the 3rd round, the judges shall call for a tiebreaker of seven words to be served to all the finalists in this round to spell in writing. The speller with the highest score out of seven shall be declared the winner, the Metro Bee Champion 2022.

Our Mission

To pre-expose students to advanced vocabulary that will be useful for effective learning in various academic subjects that they are likely to encounter in the course of their higher studies.

Our Vision

A Nigerian culture that rewards academic accomplishments.

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  • A contestant must be of age 18 or above, or if less, must be a student at a higher institution.
  • A contestant must not have any relatives - siblings, cousins, nephews, nieces, parents, uncles, aunties - who are current staff members or employees of the Metro Spelling Bee.
  • Contestants are required immediately after registration to follow the Metro National Spelling Bee page on Facebook for regular and timely updates.
  • Graduates and postgraduate students are not eligible to participate.
  • A contestant may not be less than 18 years by May 7th, 2022, or if less, must be a student at a higher institution.
  • A contestant must be a student at a higher institution or posses a UTME (JAMB) score of 160 or above by May 7th, 2022.
  • All students at colleges, polytechnics and universities in Nigeria are eligible to register to compete for the prizes.
  • A contestant must pay a nonrefundable fee of three thousand naira (N3,000) only to register, or transfer directly into the company's account, and obtain our spelling handout of ten thousand words.

The 2022 Word List

The 2022 Word List is a spelling study material or handout that contains ten thousand (10,000) words in two volumes. Vol. 1 contains seven thousand (7000) English words. All the words to be spelt at the prelims and the regionals will be taken from Vol. 1.

Vol. 2 contains 3000 words of French (1500), German(1000) and Spanish (500). All the words to be spelt at the Finals will be taken from both volume 1 (70%) and volume 2 (30% or less).

The Preliminaries

The preliminaries will start on April 4th7th, and end on April 9th17th, 2022, and it will take place online. To participate in the preliminaries, every contestant is required to login to https://metrobee.org.ng. The contestant is prompted to click PLAY to start the preliminaries. At the click of PLAY button, the contestant will hear the first word to be spelt. The contestant shall have 13 seconds to spell every word and shall take a total of 30 spellings. A contestant is required to spell a minimum of 20 words correctly to qualify for participation in the regionals. The contestant may stop spelling when s/he has spelt 20 words correctly, or may continue if desired. During the prelimiaries, a contestant is allowed two rounds to play to qualify after which the contestant is required to pay the sum of one thousand naira only to try again for two more rounds, if the contestant fails to qualify during the first two rounds.

The Regionals

Contestants who passed the preliminaries are grouped based on their geo-political regions of origin. The regionals will start on April 14th 22nd, and end on Monday April 18th30th, 2022, and it will take place online. During the regionals, a contestant is allowed two attempts to play to qualify, after which the contestant must pay the sum one thousand naira only to try again for two more rounds if the contestant fails to qualify during the first two rounds.

Co-champions and Runners-up

If two or more spellers obtain the same score in a tiebreaker, they are declared co-champions. The speller whose total number of points stands in the next places from the Champion's is declared the 1st Runner-up, 2nd Runner-up, 3rd Runner-up and 4th Runner-up respectively. If the spellers in the next places from the Champion's score the same point, they are declared co-runners-up.

The Finals

The finals will take place in the University of Benin in Benin City on Saturday, May 7th, 2022. Contestants are required to arrive at the university on Friday, May 6th, and depart on Sunday, May 8th, 2022. There will be 54 finalists based on nine contestants from each of the six geopolitical zones of Nigeria.
There will be no more than three rounds at the finals. In every round of the finals, a contestant qualifies for the next round if he/she spells a word correctly onstage at the microphone within 15 seconds. A contestant is eliminated if he/she gives a wrong spelling or if he/she fails to spell his/her given word within 15 seconds.

Time Allowed

Every contestant is allowed 15 seconds to spell a word correctly in the Grand Finale. Once the Bee Master (the pronouncer) pronounces the word, after stating its meaning, spelling time starts counting down. The contestant may request the pronouncer to repeat the pronunciation of the word, repeat its meaning or give its origin. During this time, spelling time keeps counting down. If the pronouncer obliges, time allowed continues to count down.

The Bee Master's List

The Bee Master's List is a list of words taken from the spelling list of 10,000 words. All the words to be spelt at the finals are contained in this list. While the the word list of ten thousand words and Cambridge English Pronouncing Dictionary by Daniel Jones are the primary sources of the words in this list, Merriam-Webster Unabridged dictionary is the final authority and ultimate source of words through all stages of the contest. This Bee Master's list is issued to the spellers only at the end of bee. Only the Bee Master has prior knowledge of the words in the list before the time of the finals.

Role of the Bee Master

The Bee Master is the pronouncer of words during the bee following the standard of Cambridge English Pronouncing Dictionary. The Bee Master also provides further information such as the meaning, usage or origin of the given word during the bee. He or she declares the winner of the bee as the Metro Bee Champion.

The Panel of Judges

The Panel of Judges is a panel of three members one of which is an expert in English or Linguistics. The judges monitor the event procedures to ensure the rules are not violated. They listen carefully to both the Bee Master and the spellers and determine whether a word has been correctly pronounced and spelt or not. In any case of objection by a contestant, they alone give a verdict on the matter. The judges' decisions are final.